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Hi, I'm Apurva

A product designer with a passion for mindful technology.

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👩🏻‍💻  Previously building Samsung Health Stack  at Digital Health Lab @ Samsung Research America


BART System Enhancements

Case Studies

Dailyhunt App - Content & News Aggregation in 14 local languages

🚀 Sprint-based revamp to shift the Product vision and provide          end users a seamless news reading experience     


🎯  Resulted in x.xx% increase in the Monthly Active Users

Product Revamp| Sprint | Research | UI Design | User Testing 


BART System Enhancements

🔎 Designing a solution to make the riding experience better             for BART riders


 🎯 Finding the most impactful intervention point in the system

Research | System Mapping | Ideation | UI Design | Prototyping

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Golftripz - Golfer Services

🚀 Client Project to make the Golftripz website experience better 

🎯 60% reduction in the required number of clicks for golf holiday          booking and 50% reduction in the total no. of pages on the site 

Research |  UX Design | Copywriting | Desktop & Mobile

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Josh - India's largest Short Video Maker App

🚀 Product launch in the race to fill the market gap and replace                TikTok after its ban in India 


🎯Resulted in 100M+ downloads in 6 months and $400M in                 funding from companies like Google & Microsoft

Blitzscaling | Design System | UI Design | Dev Constraints

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Waste Management 

🔎 Research-focused project to understand human                      behaviors and propose policies and suggestions to                solve this wicked problem

 Complex Systems | Research | Policy Suggestions 

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Freelance Showcase

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Helping people sell and monetize their time with time-based service listings integrated with payment gateway and automated scheduling to their calendar

 Design Systems |  Information Architecture | User Flows | UI | Web Application

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Transforming how communities live by giving them access to amenities at their doorstep.

 UI Design | Prototyping | Mobile Application

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