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Apurva is a Product Designer with an engineering background, passionate about leveraging her empathetic, innovative, and strategic lens to craft experiences that resonate and drive meaningful impact.

👉 Currently at (part-time) helping restaurant owners leverage and trust AI-enabled data. Actively looking for full-time opportunities to contribute and grow as a designer.

Previously at Samsung Research - building Samsung Health Stack, an open-source tech stack for millions of Android and wearOS users.

Art Exhibit

The Space Between Us

Explore artwork that captures the subtle connections and meaningful gaps that define the human experience.

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News & Content Aggregation | Android & iOS | Design Systems | 13 Languages

Revamping Dailyhunt's News Detail Page to align with Product Vision shift

🚀 Sprint-based revamp to improve the accessibility and news reading experience for local news consumers.

🎯Resulted in a 18 million increase in Monthly Active Users

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NDA | Open Source | Product Roadmap | Design System | Collaboration

Empowering millions of people to contribute to the future of Health Care Clinical Studies.

🚀 Prioritization and designing features for phase 1 of the Samsung Health Stack Mobile App MVP.

🎯 Launched in June. Previewed at HIMSS 2023

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M Des. Project | Research | System Mapping | Ideation | Prototyping

Enhancing the BART system 

🚀 Designing a solution to make the riding experience better for BART riders.
🎯 Finding the most impactful intervention point in the system

Frame 1000005573 (1).png

 Golf Holiday Booking| Research | Copywriting | Web & Mobile Responsive

Improving the Booking Experience for Golftripz

🚀 Client Project to improve the Golftripz website experience.

🎯 60% reduction in the req. number of clicks for golf holiday booking and 50% reduction in the total no. of pages on the site 

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Concept App | Experience Dimensions | Stakeholder Mapping | UI Design 

Commune: Combating extreme polarization through the medium of personal storytelling

🚀 Concept app developed after seeing how polarization was affecting those around us

Social Impact | Strategy | Research | Theory of Change | Web | Handbook

Trauma-Informed Design

Creating a resource to deliver the benefits of good design to vulnerable populations while minimizing potential re-traumatization.

     Other Projects and Live Products

Using AI in the Design Process: HelloVegan Case

A case study for a concept app, Hello Vegan done for Board of Innovation, NY. Incorporated AI throughout the design process - research, strategy, UI.

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Josh: Short Video Entertainment

I was one of the 4 designers spearheading the launch of Josh at Dailyhunt following the ban of TikTok in India. With a noticeable gap in the market, we aimed to position ourselves as India's premier alternative. My contributions spanned across Profile Gamification, Contests, Discovery, and Onboarding.

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JoshCam: Video Maker & Editor

Launched JoshCAM as a side application to Josh, aimed to provide video creators with more advanced editing tools, and grow the Josh creator community. Set up the Design System and worked on end-to-end flows and delivery.

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Dusminute: Community Commerce

I was enlisted to contribute to the app UI and establish the In-app Search UX for DusMinute, a platform dedicated to revolutionizing community living by providing convenient access to top-notch amenities right at residents' doorsteps.

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How would you explain Design Thinking to a 5 year old?

Using the analogy of Santa's workshop to explain the process of Design Thinking

Screen Shot 2023-05-14 at 7.29.43 PM.png


Seristo is a B2C tool to help people set up and monetize online events. I worked on end-to-end UX and visual design along with another designer.

     UI Prototypes

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