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🙋🏻‍♀️ Hi! I'm Apurva, a Product Designer currently working at the Digital Health Lab @ Samsung Research America

Over the years, I’ve designed experiences across multiple domains - entertainment, enterprise, telecom and have worked in different environments- from early-stage start-ups, a design firm, and most recently, Dailyhunt- where I joined during their blitzscaling. 

When not designing, you can usually catch me documenting every moment or going on spontaneous adventures. My friends call me the ' documenter' because I notice and get excited about the smallest things in life. This obsession with simple things carries into my work as well. I rejoice in finding the small changes and love seeing how they can make a large systemic impact.


Born into a family of engineers, I was inspired to take the path of engineering and never considered the prospect of a creative career until I came across user-conscious design and fell in love with it. It was the perfect blend of everything I love - Technology, analytical thinking, creative thinking, and the ability to truly connect with the people I am solving problems for.





💪 My Journey from Engineering to Design has been one with many lessons learned:

  • A journey of continuous evolution and iteration                          

  • A journey of perseverance and persistence to constantly work toward what I'm passionate about.                                       

  • Confidence to sometimes leap into the unknown.                      

  • Using my engineering lens to cross-collaborate across engineering teams

  • Recognizing my powers of making sense of complexity, creative thinking, and quick learning                                                

🤍 I believe that Design starts with people.

 As a designer, I aim to have a human-centered approach to whatever I am designing for.  If there is anything I have learned, with our power as designers who are crafting people's experiences, we cannot afford not to be human-centric. I ultimately hope to put out work positively impacting people's lives and continue to be mindful of my designs.

⭐️ Explorations

Studio Forward & Google Present -

The Future of Belonging

👉 Was 1 out of the 4 students from my cohort selected to be a part of an interdisciplinary class sponsored by Google where we explored the future of belonging meant and created exhibits in the end

💡 Learnings:

Hands-on creation, thinking out of the box, speculative design

Sleepy - the eyemask that helps millions suffering from sleep issues 

👉 Used Arduino programming to prototype an eyemask concept that releases scents to help you sleep. Prototyping smell was a hard one! 

💡 Learnings:

Debugging, testing and iterating, relearning my electrical engineering concepts

Adobe + Amazon Creative Jam

👉 In a two-week design challenge, we created CommUnity, a platform to help high school students gain more access to community service opportunities with measurable visual impact.

💡 Learnings:

Quick decision making, quick iterating, Adobe XD, voice prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Techniques

👉 Over the past year, I've explored many modes of creating and bringing my ideas to life

💡 Learnings:

Don't be intimidated, try new things, it's less complicated than it looks

🖌 I like to doodle in my free time