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🙋🏻‍♀️ Hi there! I'm Apurva, a Product Designer with experience building consumer-facing and B2B SaaS products in fast-paced environments. I aspire to build products that contribute to a more harmonious and compassionate world.

Over the years, I’ve designed experiences across multiple domains - entertainment, enterprise, telecom and have worked in different environments- from early-stage start-ups, a design firm, and most recently, Samsung Digital Health - a health research incubator to build and launch consumer-oriented health product concepts

When not designing, you can usually catch me finding the next thing to craft, picking up a good book to read at the park, finding a new spot to fuel my biryani obsession, going on spontaneous adventures, and documenting everything. My friends call me the ' documenter' because I notice and get excited about the smallest things in life. This obsession with simple things carries into my work as well. I rejoice in finding the small changes and love seeing how they can make a large systemic impact.

Born into a family of engineers, I was inspired to take the engineering path and never considered the prospect of a creative career until I came across user-conscious design and fell in love with it. It was the perfect blend of everything I love - Technology, analytical thinking, creative thinking, and the ability to truly connect with the people I am solving problems for.





💪 My Journey from Engineering to Design, and a recent layoff has been one with many lessons learned:

  • A journey of perseverance and persistence to constantly work toward what I'm passionate about. 

  • Confidence to sometimes leap into the unknown.     

  • Recognizing my powers of making sense of complexity, creative thinking, and quick learning 

  • A journey of continuous evolution and iteration 

  • Using my engineering lens to cross-collaborate across engineering teams                        

🤍 I aim to design innovative products with a mindful approach, merging technology and humanity.

By utilizing mindful technology, I strive to create experiences that are both meaningful and conscious of how they impact people's lives, helping people become the best version of themselves while navigating this complex world. 

Over the past year, I explored a lot of hands-on creation, speculative thinking, and rapid prototyping-tinkering, testing, and iterating 

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Some doodles :)

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