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Here is a quick overview of some other projects and applications that I've worked on:

How would you explain the Design Thinking process to a 5 year old?

Using the analogy of Santa's workshop to explain the process of Design Thinking

Josh: Short Video Entertainment

I was one of the 4 designers involved in launching Josh at Dailyhunt after TikTok was banned in India. A gap was created in the market, we were in the race to be India's new Tiktok. I worked on Profile Gamification, Contests, Discovery, and Onboarding.

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JoshCam: Video Maker & Editor

Launched JoshCAM as a side application to Josh, aimed to provide video creators with more advanced editing tools, and grow the Josh creator community. Set up the Design System and worked on end-to-end flows and delivery.

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Dusminute: Community Commerce

DusMinute aims to transform how communities live by giving them access to world-class amenities at their doorstep. I was approached to help with the app UI and Search UX.

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Seristo is a tool to help people set up and monetize online events. I worked with another designer on end-to-end UX and visual design.

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