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Hi! I'm Apurva, a Product Designer passionate about creating seamless experiences with a systems mindset.

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Product Strategy| Business Alignment | Multi Language Accessibility | Testing

Revamping Dailyhunt's News Detail Page to align with Product Vision shift

🚀 Sprint-based revamp to improve the accessibility and news reading experience for local news consumers.

🎯Resulted in a 18 million increase in Monthly Active Users

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NDA | Open Source | Product Roadmap | Feature Prioritization | Dev Handoff

Empowering millions of people to contribute to the future of Health Care Research

🚀 Prioritization and designing features for phase 1 of the Samsung Health Stack Mobile App MVP.

🎯 To be launched in June. Previewed at HIMSS 2023

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M Des. Project | Research | System Mapping | Ideation | Prototyping

Enhancing the BART system 

🚀 Designing a solution to make the riding experience better for BART riders.
🎯 Finding the most impactful intervention point in the system

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Research | Use Case Document | Wireframing | Copywriting | Web & Mobile

Improving the Booking Experience for Golftripz

🚀 Client Project to make the Golftripz website experience better ​

🎯 60% reduction in the required number of clicks for golf holiday booking and 50% reduction in the total no. of pages on the site 

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Concept App | Experience Dimensions | Stakeholder Mapping | UI Design 

Commune: Combating extreme polarization through the medium of personal storytelling

🚀 Concept app developed after seeing how polarization was affecting those around us

Social Impact | Strategy | Research | Theory of Change | Web | Handbook

Trauma-Informed Design

Developing a resource that helps to ensure vulnerable populations can receive the value that good design work can bring while mitigating the potential for re-traumatization.

Other projects and live applications

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UI Animated Prototypes

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